I currently live in the Richmond, VA area and we'll see how carbon cub life will be in this area with mountains west, water east but at some point being just me and my yellow lab I may be pursuing a change of scenery. The FX3 coming next year may just be the ticket to pull up anchor, which I dread in a large house full of "stuff" but needs to be done.

I have a nice 40ft motorhome so exploring destinations is ideal with it, probably not going to fulltime in it but find a small home or condo at some ideal location maybe in the mid/northwest (MT, ID, UT, CO) region that would be ideal for backcountry flying, RVing, and living. Being single I'm not looking for remote isolated living so community is important but living in a dream destination as of course the clock is always ticking and you need to make things happen such as this move to buy my first plane.

I'm open to ideas such as great destinations, grass strips with hangars, airparks although I'm not sure "living at the airport" is ideal, I could be wrong. I don't mind the winters as the RV can be my winter escape to warmer destinations as this past winter and this coming winter Casa Grande, AZ is my destination for sunshine and pickleball.

Where should I live when I grow up? Where are the ideal locations for Carbon Cub owners (not AK, that will be a place to visit but not live) that involve community, fellow backcountry pilots to enjoy the dream with, and ideal flying destinations?