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Troy, it took me a while to run a test like yours. Last Friday I was loaded heavy for a camping trip and had about 3/4 fuel. I climbed at WOT and full rich from 2500 to 7500 at 70 mph. My fuel flow started at 13.3 gph and as I gained altitude dropped to about 12.8 gph. It ran smooth the entire climb. RPMs were 2500 with the Catto 84x42.5 prop.

I have the Avstar carburetor and the CC sump kit installed.

Thanks for doing that Dan,

Fuel flows match, when it got rough FF was at about 12.5. Above that it was good.

I went out Saturday and tried the same test, it did not do it that day. It was a much warmer day. I will keep investigating. I am talking with Cubcrafters so hopefully we get a answer over time.