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    Has anyone successfully installed a gas strut/lid support to a cub window? To replace the cabinet latch hard mount? I have switched to ELSA from SLSA and would like to work a solution similar to what I see on Kitfox aircraft. Any advice would be appreciated. And no, Jon, I do not intend to use this modification to fly 100 mph with the window open. The latch attachment point on the starboard side is compromised and will have to be repaired.

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    Yes, this has been done on Super Cub variants over the years. Here is a photo of one such installation. We have considered this feature ourselves but found that most view it as added weight and complexity with minimal return benefit. Simple and robust is usually the road we travel and a fixed uplock is rather simple.

    Is this a solution looking for a problem? The answer to that likely depends on personal mission desires.

    While you are tinkering, please keep in mind that your left side window is considered an emergency exit, should a bad day require it. Adding hardware in the cockpit area that could be a head contact hazard, reduce the effective egress area, or impede easy opening of the window in an emergency should be considered in your experimental design.

    window gas strut.jpg
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    I think it's a very effective solution. The main thing is that the gas support is of appropriate strength, so that the closure is soft

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