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Thread: S1-S2 on floats/amphibs?

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    Default S1-S2 on floats/amphibs?

    Anybody have experience with stock engines S1-S2s on floats?

    Especially on amphibs?

    Further any thoughts on instructing sport cubs on floats?

    I have heard Insurance on float planes is excessive?

    I appreciate any experience you can pass on.


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    Default Re: S1-S2 on floats/amphibs?


    I saw no one had replied to this, not sure if you got your answer elsewhere or not but I'll give my 1 1/2 cents.

    I was fortunate enough to be involved with the first installation/flight test program of the original straight float installation on the Sport Cub, so I got to see the first takeoffs and landings of a Sport Cub on floats. It looked really fun, and was quite impressive!

    Here is some videos, I'm sure you've probably seen them already.

    First Sport Cub S2 take off ever on floats:

    Ask Tim A about float plane insurance, esp for amphibs. He has been researching that recently...

    Pete D.

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