I recently moved to Alaska for work, have a pretty good 30 year career-type flying job and it has always been my dream to own a Cub or a Maule and fly around Alaska for fun (my work flying is mostly watching an autopilot and listening to the whine of four general electric motors for 10 hours at a time).

While, I could buy now, it would probably not be prudent to wipe out such a huge chuck of my life savings, especially given my current lack of hangar in which to store a new airplane. My plan is to save for 5 years, procure a T-hangar, and by something new around 2025. In the meantime I have a C182B to fly for fun out of Merrill.

My question on the FX3 (or any cubcrafters cub), being unfamiliar with Experimental aircraft, is it possible to fly it under instrument flight rules? It seems that if you equip an experiment as required by 91.205, the answer is yes, but I'm not sure. I understand that IFR is not really what a cub is meant for. However, in flying my 182 there are times when it is very nice to get a local IFR clearance on days when maintaining VFR cloud clearances or visibility would be "challenging". I would do the builder assist FX3, is the executive glass touch sufficient to satisfy 91.205 or would additional equipment be necessary? Maybe my IFR hangup is unwarranted, but I can't help but feel a huge safety net by having it available.

Obviously, my other dream plane, a Maule M7 or M9 is much heavier despite having a similar payload to an FX3, and I expect it would have double to triple the operating costs, the only benefit being extra seats, interior volume, and probably a 20-30 mph cruise speed advantage on the 235 or 260 hp models. Really, probably a waste unless I had some way to make money with it, as i don't see wanting a 3rd seat more than 1 in 20 or 30 fights.

Thanks in advance