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Thread: Ex3 for sale - fully loaded

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    Default Ex3 for sale - fully loaded

    You can check out this new build I've finished with about 60 hours on it here at this Facebook link (easier to post lots of photos and info there).







    2019 CARBON CUB EX-3 - NEW
    Well time to sell this one as I have my 4th Carbon Cub headed to the paint booth soon. It has about 50 hours on it total now which includes the 40 hour fly-off period. It has all the "bells & whistles".
    This is one of the very first of the new EX-3 Carbon Cubs. This new model included numerous upgrades over the original EX version with the biggest change being the new G-Series control surfaces (ailerons; tail feathers and flaps). The flaps are true slotted flats.
    The G-Series makes positive controllability of the aircraft at unbelievable low airspeeds. You can read more about these at…/…/g-series-flaps-and-ailerons-faqs/
    Some of the changes from the EX2 to this EX3 are:
    • Hartzell Constant Speed prop. 80”
    • New CC363i Fuel Injected engine developed just for CubCrafters. About 186 hp nominal.
    • Rear seat heat and defrost added using new style heat muffs (lots of heat) giving a 300% increase over EX2’s.
    • Take-off distance is 20’ SHORTER than the EX2 even though the empty weight is higher
    • New “fighter style” front stick with built in push to talk; electric trim and autopilot disconnect and control wheel steering for autopilot.
    • Stronger fuselage with 9 added cross members.
    To order one of these from the CubCrafters factory build program would making delivery dates in 2021.
    Most every option and upgrade as been put into this special one-of-a-kind Carbon Cub.
    2000 lb Gross Weight. Empty Weight 1141 lbs giving a 859 lb useful load.

    • 130 mph cruise
    • Range 765 miles
    • Take Off distance 90 feet
    • Landing Distance 155 feet
    • Rate of Climb 2,400 fpm

    o Garmin G3X Touch (10.6” display) with AOA (Angle of Attack) pitot and indicators (both audio and visual AOA); Synthetic Vision; stereo “3D”intercom; audio and video inputs; XM weather and traffic; ESP; CONNEXT; integration with autopilot; transponder and com radio. More at…/…/intheair/sport-aviation/g3x-touch/
    o Garmin GTX345R. Mode S transponder (remote mount) with ADS-B IN & OUT.
    o Garmin 307 Autopilot. The autopilot is completely controllable through the G3X Touch but I also installed the head so you can use it separately if desired.
    o Garmin GTR 200 Com Radio. Also completely controlled via the G3X Touch or directly by the head. Built in intercom.
    o OAT temperature Probe.
    o Electric Trim position sensor.
    o Full EIS package including ADAHRS and 4 cylinder CHT and EGT sensors; carb inlet temperature sensor; fuel flow meter; “Lean Assist” on G3X Touch.
    o Bluetooth operation linking to ipads, smart phones, etc.
    o Instrument Panel as well as the door header panels hydro dipped with Titanium Carbon Fiber look.

    EXTENDED BAGGAGE area and door.
    • Carbon fiber door on fuselage. The extended baggage area allows up to 100 lbs in the forward and 60 lbs in the rear baggage area.
    • Floor and walls fully carpeted. CubCrafters factory carpet package in baggage area with extra tie-down hooks installed in the baggage area.

    - EXTENDED FUEL TANKS. 44 gallons (39 Useable).
    - 31” Alaska Bushwheel Tundra Tires
    - 3200 “Baby Bushwheel” steerable tailwheel.
    - 3x3 Extended Landing gear option – Uncovered with Stainless Steel Brake Lines
    - New Acme Gen3 shock system (by far the leading in the industry).
    - 1.75” Heavy Duty Brakes with Stainless Steel brake lines
    - LED lighting package.
    o Navigation Lights
    o Right AND Left wing landing lights with WIG-WAG function
    o Strobe lights
    o Cockpit LED lighting.
    - ELT (406). Kannad
    - Wing Vortex Generators
    - Gap Seals (rear control gaps on tail feathers)
    - Auxiliary Power Plug.
    - 2 Headset Hooks
    - Bose headset connectors (built in power and audio)
    - Front & Rear seat trim controls. Electric trim with controls front and rear.
    - Oregon Aero front and rear seats.
    - 4 web pockets added to interior
    - Carbon Fiber used extensively throughout including interior panels; cowl, cowl flaps, prop spinner; floorboard; seat base; wingtips and much more.

    o Dual Lightspeed Electronic Ignition
    o Lightweight starter and alternator
    o Lightweight custom oil sump
    o Lightweight custom intake
    o Lightweight custom exhaust system
    o Hartzell Constant Speed Composite prop.

    Dave Embry
    "You only live once.......but if you do it right.........once is enough."..

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    Default Re: Ex3 for sale - fully loaded

    Mike Sasser
    Boomerang Air


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