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    Finally have the 40 hours flown off on #0038 pictured here in sunny Te Kowhai in New Zealand's North Island. There have been a few niggles with the CHT sensors, ADS-B out and the trim motor but nothing serious and it flies beautifully.

    In NZ we have to file a test report to get the final CAA approval and the hardest part was getting enough ballast in to get to MAUW to do the tests!

    The project took slightly over two years from inception to sign off but I'm really pleased wih the outcome.

    The only downside is it uses quite a lot more fuel than my CC11 but now the engine is broken in I'm running LoP and that's brought it down to a more reasonable 7gph at low power settings.

    Looking forward to doing some long distance runs to our South Island over the southern summer.
    Bob Gray, FX-3 #38, ZK-FXC

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    Ok officially very very jealous! Nice looking aircraft - enjoy 😁

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