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Thread: Issue with Garmin G3X Software Update.

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    Default Issue with Garmin G3X Software Update.

    I recently updated the software on my G3X which seemed to go smoothly. A few weeks later I made a flight to the busy side of the Wasatch Mountains (Salt Lake City) only to find that when bring up the traffic page a message in the upper left of the TRF screen said "Failed". More to my surprise - when engaging the autopilot the pitch servo turned into a possessed demon causing extreme up and down elevator excursions while demanding "Trim" - which did no good. Turning off the servos brought my EX-2 back under control.

    I called both the Garmin technical rep and Mitch for help in solving these two issues. The Garmin rep assured me that updating software would not effect the G3X settings. Mitch was not so sure. However, when checking the Xponder and pitch servo settings in "Configuration Mode" it was immediately apparent that several settings for both the Xponder and the pitch servo were missing or corrupted. With the correct settings data re-entered, the TRF function and autopilot pitch servo operated normally. The failed TRF was just an annoyance but the extreme pitch servo excursions will really get your attention.

    I can't be certain that the software update was the real culprit but the Xponder/TFR and pitch servo worked properly before the G3X software update. I plan to record all of my G3X settings before the next software update and check for missing or corrupted data afterwards.

    Perhaps I can convince Mitch to post a PDF of the proper G3X settings in the CC Dropbox.

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    Default Re: Issue with Garmin G3X Software Update.

    Thanks for the PIREP, Bill! Every owner upgrading the software on the G3X should be aware and looking for possible changes in behavior. I have another friend in Utah that had a similar situation.


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