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Seems like this is how I recall it working:

FIS-B through ADSB-IN will have the weather with 5-10 minute delay along with TFR data. This is coming from ground based stations so may need to have some altitude and be within ground station range to get this data. Weather is high res only when close to you and low res further away. So if you are looking for TFR or weather it may not show up if not in range of ground stations.

You can get XM like Mark said with radio only for getting all the XM audio channels. The added subscription will get you the XM weather. Advantage is it coming in from satellite so available when on the ground or any altitude and is high res for the entire US. Weather is usually no more then 5 minutes delayed.
I assume this requires an XM specific antenna. is this typically mounted on the plane or is it somewhere in the cockpit?