Once Upon A Time.......
(A new “fairy tale”?)

Seeing some of the comments about the new NX-Cub (with the nose wheel option), made me start thinking a bit about relating it to my last big hobby.

We use to do a lot of auto racing, Indy style. Well, my son mostly did the racing and I was the bank/engineer/tire changer.

All my free time was taken up reading, researching, studying computer data from the onboard computers and evaluating it and buying and testing every new thing on the market. ANYTHING that would make the car accelerate faster; stop faster; go through the turns faster, etc. was on the shopping/testing list. Our goal was to be the fastest around the track and to WIN. All that mattered was this criteria.

Now I don’t ever recall having made a decision for the race car based on how it looked. Why would I. We were not evaluated on looks but on 1 thing.....which race car could compete and win. What made you cross the finish line first, get the trophy, cash and kiss the pretty girl?

I can just imagine that a new fangled race car came out and looked “different” and all the other racers, fans and wantabes laughed and said it looked “ugly, weird, different, etc” even though it was faster, had better acceleration, and stopped in less distance than anything out there.

What if I got suckered by the naysayers and passed on getting the new fangled race car instead of making a decision based on performance. The next big race, we got our asses handed to us and by who......the guy who bought the new fangled “different” race car. Now who was laughing at who. And low and behold, the new fangled race car was soon the darling of the race industry.

Now there was a place for nostalgia with race cars as I would love to have one of Carroll Shelby’s first Cobras sitting in my garage and I might even take it out and drive it around and show it off and enjoy seeing everyone gawk over how “cool” of a race car that it was but would I ever consider seriously taking it to a modern day competition......nah. It’s just looks good.

So once upon a time an innovative, creative airplane company made yet another innovative, creative new concept to their already cutting edge high performance creations. The real people “in the know” looked at it and went “wow....that’s gonna be a winner” while the wantabes all went..... “ahhhh.....it looks different....hahaha....bla bla....”.

It will be interested to see who is laughing last at the finish line.

Just my thoughts. Let’s see what happens. Maybe the fairy tale will come true.