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    Thanks Mitch.

    So so if you do like I said and follow the figure and line up the rivet holes on the bottom it works. Fig AF-AF is wrong where it gives the 2.25 measurement when following the Figure 51 to align the holes with the rest of the ribs. Following Fig 51 aligns the rivet holes and still gives the edge and cut-out clearances. All good then if you ignore that 2.25 measurement given.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mitch View Post
    There a few critical things about the number 2 false rib. The rivet holes in the #2 false rib do not line up with the rest of the rivet holes if installed per the figure. You can install the #2 false rib in either fore/aft direction and move it back and forth as long as it meets these criteria:
    The false spar must be protrude on the outboard side of the front and rear spar.
    The cutouts for the fuel tank transfer tubes must be under the tank transfer tubes.
    You must maintain the rivet edge distances in both the false rib and tail/nose ribs.

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    I added the 2.25 measurement from the drawing and if you want follow that measurement, but want the rivet holes to line up. You could drill new rivet holes in the false rib as long as rivet edge distance is maintained.
    The 2.25 dimension is not on the factory drawings, I have provided that as a starting point.

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