Bifold hangar doors for sale

I have 2 bifold doors for sale. First one was built by a local machinist at a high end machine shop in his spare time. 15 years old while I will call it a homemade hangar door, it was not welded together by uncle fred in the back of the manure shed. Really nicely done, with limit switches and motor starters. Cable drive, elec motor single phase with brake.. Its 42 ft 6 in long x 13.5 tall I can help you take it down. works 100% $3000

The second door is a Wilson aluminum bifold, I bought it from a contractor who is remodeling a hangar into a workshop. Its about 12 years old. Dont have great pix of it, its stored in a shed. 40.5 ft wide, 13.5 tall
All aluminum welded framework. Manual side latches, includes heavy angle that bolts to side of door opening. single phase, with factory installation book Can help you load it. Like new, and worked excellent when we took it down Can help you load it. $4500

Both doors are located in Exeter, Maine. I have some trucking contacts might be able to help get it moved
Jim Crane
207-659-4983 cell