I just thought I would put a note in here on something I figured out today finally.

With the G3X Touch using the GTR200 com radio, my alerts volume (obstructions, traffic, terrain, etc) was very low even though I had it set to 100% in the G3X SOUND menus.

You can go into the GTR200 menu on the radio itself by turning the unit OFF (turn the volume knob on the left fully counter clockwise) then push in and hold the small right knob while turning it back on. It will go into the CONFIGURATION MODE. Here you go to AUX 1 VOLUME and my volume was set to 50%. I moved it to 75% and now the alerts are about the right level with the G3X menu set to 100% ALERTS VOLUME in the SOUND menus. I might even bump it up a little more so I can then turn it down in the direct G3X menus to lower it.

The GTR200 AUX 1 VOLUME OUT sets the volume for the alerts that go out of it and into the G3X first.....so if it's too low, it won't be loud enough.