Just reading the many posts from 2010 on Cooling the Carbon Cub. Had mine since 2014
and still struggling to be happy with how the engine runs. I retarded the ignition a year ago
per Cubcrafters and lowered the CHT's by maybe 20 Deg. I don't feel like the airplane performs
as well as it did and it takes the joy out of flying it. I switch between my C185/ IO 520 and the Cub
so maybe the comparison makes it seem to be not as smooth as I remember it 300 hours ago.
I am considering going back the the original timing. Lightspeed recommends changing the ignition
wires at 3 years or 500 hours. I'm at 4 years and haven't changed them. Doing the annual this month.
The only other change is the induction system mod. Any ideas?