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Thread: Sheep Hunt in NWT

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    Default Sheep Hunt in NWT

    Yeti sponsors some outstanding productions about the outdoors, and this film is among the best. It features a great story, beautiful cinematography, and high production values. Enjoy.

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    Default Re: Sheep Hunt in NWT

    What a great video. Last winter I went to the Sheep Show in Reno. I flew on Alaska Airlines and on my return flight to SeaTac I sat next to Tavis, the fellow speaking and flying in this video. We talked the entire flight about hunting Dallís Rams and probably more about flying. Tavis is a real airplane nut (like all of us) and was very interested in my EX. I mentioned I had flown my EX to Yukon in August of 2017 and hunted rams there with an outfitter he knows. I said I had always wanted to fly in the NWT and he invited me to stop into their main camp if I did. Iíd hoped to do so in August of this year but it didnít work out for me time wise.

    In the video Tavis says he wants hunters who are willing to put in the time and effort to make a real hunt out of their sheep experience with Arctic Red. And thatís exactly what he told me sitting in the Q400. He wants his hunters to experience the NWTís true wilderness and harvest a ram - not just buzz in and kill a sheep and make a sat phone call and get hauled out the next day. I saw that happen on my Yukon hunt.

    Iíd love to make another sheep hunt with Arctic Red. Iíll see them again this winter in Reno .......

    Here is a pic of the ram I took in 2017.

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