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Thread: ADS B Upgrade help

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    Default ADS B Upgrade help

    Hey Guys, new to this forum. Im starting to look into upgrading my CC to get ADS B. I currently Have the Glass Panel, with the Garmin GDU 37X and Garmin GTX 327. Curious your thoughts on the easiest, cheapest way to achieve this. Not necessarily limited to the cheapest. I am also interested in quality, longevity, reliability, and simplicity....

    Being a dairy farmer, Im not super techy, so go easy on me!! Thanks!!

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    Default Re: ADS B Upgrade help

    You have a couple options. If you want to keep the 327 you can get a garmin GDL82 with the internal GPS and it will essentially add the missing position info and signal to what you have and you will have ADSB out. You wont have adsb in unless you added something like a GDL50 or 51 - whichever one does just traffic, there are other variants, and then you might be able to use the GDU375 to display it. Thats one option. The other is to get a GTX345 transponder, you would still need the version with the internal GPS in order to have an approved position source, that would get you adsb out. That unit will handle the in chore as well, but I dont recall offhand if you can send the adsb traffic in to the gdu 375 or not. The last catch is that youll need a different transponder antenna to handle the extended squitter adsb out as well as the traffic in. Carbon cubs have precious little room to spare for adding extra antennas on the belly, so if your com antenna is down there its one more thing to consider. While I was still at CC I had installed both systems, ultimately its a matter of the cost of the units and the time and amount of finding the space and making the interface work with what you have. Good luck.

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    Default Re: ADS B Upgrade help

    I have a Becker transponder and added a GDL82 last winter. It is working well.

    With a belly pod I had no room for an antenna there. So I put mine on the wing.

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