I've recently done the Vs0 and Vs1 checks on my EX-2 in its phase 1 programme.
The tests were at 1400lbs, 76.3"CG, 22c and 2500'
The POH quotes 28KIAS and 35 Kias for Vs0 and Vs1 respectively, but doesn't state the weight (maybe 1320lbs if its based on the LSA version).

I see 35 knots and 40 knots respectively on mine; EFIS and mechanical ASIs agree.

I double checked the wing rigging for excessive wash-out, but all seemed good with 1.5 of washout each side.

I have the kit-supplied static vents on the boot cowl with no leaks on my initial check.

I'm thinking of doing it on reciprocal headings and checking GPS speed against ASI both ways to see if the discrepency is real or due to instrument error.

The stall is benign and take-off & landing performance well up to expectations.

Any suggestions?