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    I just returned from completing my BFR with Charles Lewis of South Oaks Aerodrome in Greenville, NC. Charles is a top notch instructor. I havenít flown a supercub in 29 years. Climbing in his Sport Cub was strange, yet familiar. It took me the better part of the first day just learning how to fly again, (like getting on a bike for the first time in years and struggling to get your balance for the first few feet) but when things started to click again the sheer joy of flying low and slow returned! Enough about me. Did I mention Charles is a great instructor! He has many, and I do mean many grass strips to train at, from 3000í crop duster fields to 600 foot and less RC fields, yes, by the end of the second day he had me landing on one of his RC fields he has access too. I said, I needed more slip training? I got slip training, into more strips with trees and power lines than I can count. I seem to do best when forced outside my comfort zone, he picked up on that and that made me think and fly smarter and better. After 14 hrs in four days, I now feel comfortable enough to now purchase my Sport Cub and continue on the STOL learning adventure. I will definitely go back and get advanced STOL training from Charles. He also trains the Air Force special ops pilots for their advanced stol techniques and mountain flying, just a 2 hour flight away to get mountain training!
    Very convenient, Charles has an apartment for rent across the street from the airport, a cafe just down the road for breakfast and lunch and Greenville is just a few miles away for dinner. I encourage everyone that wants or needs any training to go see Charles, did I mention he is a great instructor 😁

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    Charles is indeed a GREAT instructor and a good friend of CubCrafters and SWT Aviation, as well.

    Chip Allen

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    Cubcrafters Southeast Sales Center
    Marietta, GA

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