I was looking at some previous posts on the Lightspeed ignition and parts availability. I purchased new leads direct from Lightspeed last year and found the customer service to be fine. But looking at a few posts I wonder about availability in a pinch. Like out in the backcountry. Here's what I'm seeing:

Trying to finish installation of the 0-340 on a PA-18 airframe and we have only 1 working ignition. Pretty sure we have narrowed it down to one of the mini sensors on the flywheel. Klaus is willing to send me one when he returns from a trip at the end of the month. But this is The only thing holding up finishing up this long drawn out affair. Does anyone known where I can purchase one or does someone have one they could “loan” me till he returns. Willing to purchase but have not found one yet. Thanks.

I had the same experience this summer. While flying in the Idaho backcountry, I had intermittent ignition failure on two cylinders while on the right ignition only. I found one of the wires on a flag connector almost completely broken. I contacted several FOBs and shops in the area, but no one had a flag connector. I contacted Lightspeed and explained my problem and that I was over 1000 miles from home. I offered to pay the cost of overnighting a connector to a nearby FOB. They refused to help. They claimed the order too small for their system. I manage to repair the connection and get home. I hope a never need their help again. I now carry extra connectors.

When I ordered my new leads, CC parts didn't have them in stock, at least for my era kit. Does CC keep most of the Lightspeed parts on hand?