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Thread: Wear and Tear...dwards

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    Default Wear and Tear...dwards

    Hi fellow builders and flyers
    Not a major issue but would like to ask the question,both my Carbon Cub and another I have recently completed an inspection on shows signs of “slop” in or between between the AN5 bolts that connect the stabiliser tube link ( TC2537-001 ) and the yoke ( SC82200 )..bolts appear ok steps wear seems to be in the bolt holes...My question has anybody encountered this and is there any “Fix”...bushes ect...,both aircraft are between 200 and 300 old.This wear is evident if you grab the stabilised and move up and down on the L/E,whilst looking at the bolts.
    look forward to any feedback
    kenny Edwards

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    Default Re: Wear and Tear...dwards


    Please see pic below. Are you referring to the bolts marked green? These pass through NAS75-4-007 bushings which are press fit into the SC82200-001 yoke assembly.

    Stab Yoke Assy.png
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    The Carbon Cub EX does not use a bushing in the yoke. How much movement does the front of the stabilizer have. You will have some movement in the jack screw and attaching hardware.

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