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Thread: Building the EX3 - Tips & Hints

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    FUSELAGE - Finishing Up

    Remember back when we were installing the floorboard and we trimmed the front of the heat tunnel? When now is a good time to check that out again as well with the actual firewall in place. I used the long straightedge remember to check and trim a lot of it off but you can see here it needs more trimming at the top of the round tunnel so the rest of the firewall will sit flush along the bottom as you can see. Just mark it now and trim it more when you remove the boot cowl.

    You can see in the photo how the floorboard is not flush with the firewall there? A pretty good gap on the right side of the heat tunnel and a little on the left as well. It's just because the top of it is hitting the firewall. Trim until it all fits flush.

    If you are painting it yourself then I like to go ahead and clean all the black writing off the boot cowl now with my denatured alcohol and then I scuff it with a maroon scotchbrite all over to accept the primer and paint .....which I will do next.

    I think installing the tunnel is pretty well covered in the video and manual so I won't go over that.

    I will now go over every 1/2" of the fuse built looking at all the nuts, bolts, rivets, etc and be sure they are all torqued (and torque sealed unless castellated nuts), rivet installed and correct, wiring, etc etc. The last thing I do is to run back through every page of the manual AGAIN! (I know....we are all sick of manuals by this point) This is a checklist to be sure you have done everything.

    Fuselage finished! Next we will cover it.

    I have 67 hours and 15 minutes in the fuse build and a total of 186 hours up to this post as you've seen in the posts (wings built and covered; fuse built and tail feathers covered)

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