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Thread: Airspeed (or lack thereof)

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    Default Airspeed (or lack thereof)

    A few weeks ago I took off and low and behold my airspeed meters both read zero.
    I figured the pitot tube was plugged with a bug or something.
    Several hours later - no success so I flew over to my maintainence shop.
    A couple of hours in the shop and they found this little plastic tube in the wing root that was used to connect the aluminum tube in the wing to the one in the fuselage. It had come loose.
    Just another in the long, long list of failures in my airplane

    I know that "every gram of weight is important but this seems to me to be a little too little.
    If your airspeed quits this could well be the reason.
    My shop replaced the little plastic tube with threaded connections that they assure me will not fall off.
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