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Thread: ADS-B Out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Albery View Post
    I've been all through the configuration again and can't find how to do this. I see in the manual it says it can be done, but not how. The squat switch options has ignored, open=ground or open=flight.

    Can you recall how you set it up?
    You probably have to update the software in the transponder first; that's what the avionics shop had to do to get it to work properly.
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    I would believe that to be correct. We used a squat switch to change to alt mode based on an airspeed switch, and we only did one or two of them. In the most current rev of the TT22 install manual that we have, which is May 2015, it only refers to it and I believe it says " if equipped ". I would guess that later software gives you the option of setting to to GPS based speed such as what Garmin does. I am not sure who handles Trig tech support here in the United States, I think it is Mid Continent. I also cannot say if they will assist an end user or if they will refer you to a dealer.

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    Thanks Mike & Paul. I've just had a reply from Trig support saying the software only supports automatic ground/air switching since March this year.
    They provide free software updates through the Mid-Continent locations.

    So I'll live with it for now and get the update done when convenient.

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