IMG_7790.jpgJoyce didn't waste any time getting her new baby into the Back Country! I have a feeling we will be seeing pictures like this one often from Joyce. Enjoy!!

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Hi all! I'm new to the FX-3 ownership and a Cirrus SR-22 owner as well. I love both airplanes. I have a 2006 SR-22 Signature Edition that I've had all over the country. I just picked up my FX-3 at the factory last week. I can't get enough of the FX-3 right now, but I know they both have their missions. I haven't put the numbers to it, but I'm thinking that if my trip is over about 5 hours of flight time, it will be Cirrus flying and under that the Cub. Obviously, there are other factors. My Cirrus is hangared at an airport approximately 1 hour from my home. My Cub is right here on our ranch. Cirrus has to land on pavement, Cub, well lets just say it doesn't need much :-). Payload, if it fits in the Cub it basically can fly. If it's more than that then we go in the Cirrus. I used to be a member of COPA but I tried to scale back on some membership stuff.

This FX-3 is way more than I ever thought the plane would be. And the factory team is even better. I understand customer service better than most and the Cubcrafters crew gets it too. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Although I'll probably just give glowing recommendations :-)

Joyce Wilson