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    Periodically I head West to the factory to get involved in meetings and fly some of our sold airplanes back to our territories in the East to their new owners. That is awesome for them and of course for us. Our annual summit meeting starts Thursday for 3 days and in the mean time I myself get to learn more about the inner workings of how the company functions and gets things done from concept to flying machine. I also do a fair amount of flying while out here also. New planes, serviced planes, repaired planes etc.
    I take time to walk around each department learning more names and faces and seeing how different jobs get done and stages in the process move sequentially. As an example, I personally go out on the floor taking stock of CC19 SN# 27 for a customer in MI so he can see the status in real time as well as other customerís aircraft.This is the type of service our customers expect and the culture here is happy to oblige.
    I have attached some photos of my current trip (I am here now) I get around to our CCS (CubCrafters Services) shop where all of our post certification work gets done on our new production airplanes prior to delivery. For the customer that wanted a Vernier style mixture vs. our push pull type, this work happens here.This is also the shop where bent planes get straight again.Yup boo boos happen.I will update some more in the days ahead and also as I start the next trip West to East in a customerís New XCub
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