Annual Stanley Segalla Cub Fly-In Old Rhinebeck
Saturday Sept. 23, 2017

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Rhinebeck, NY (KORA) or (NY94) East of Kingston, NY see sectional

Start Time:
8:30am. Arrivals can be night before or day of but please not during the airshow. You can camp the night before or find your way to any number of hotels or B&Bs.

NOTICE : No fuel is available for sale at Old Rhinebeck. Kingston is closest fuel. All Cubs welcomed.

CubCrafters STOL Competition 10-11:30am:Takeoff and landing combined distance lowest number. Mains must be off the ground for the takeoff and shortest stopped distance beyond the line. Winner takes home CubCrafters swag.

CubCrafters free pancake breakfast and airshow pass for the first 15airplane arrivals. ($12/$20 thereafter breakfast/show)$15 for seniors and $5 for kids under 17yo. AM visitors welcome but need to depart by 1pm.

Air Show Time: Saturday and Sunday
2pm-4pm, NO GA operations during this time. Plan to depart by 1pm or after 4:30pm

info on the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome:

This sheet is your credential with which to receive airshow group rate on Sat. & Sun.
Please take it to the ticket booth to pay your admission for Saturday and Sunday airshows. Each airshow will be $20 for adult, $15 for seniors, and $5 under 17.

A museum minimum level membership costs $50 and gets you into both shows on a season pass. You also receive the quarterly color newsletter “Rotary Ramblings” and a 10% discount in the gift shop and museum store.

The ticket booth opens at 10:00am Sat. & Sun.
Your admission or membership will gain you a wrist band which allows ORA staff to know who has paid or not. If there is a sizable turn out, we may have to resort to double parking aircraft to fit everyone in. Please understand the need and work with ground crews to park as tightly as necessary.

We also ask everyone to limit their congregating to the East side of the airfield or on the crowd side of the showline fence. We can’t allow pilots access to the airshow flight line Saturday and Sunday leading up to the airshow. It gives the impression to the drive-in public that they are allowed access also, which they are not. Access to the east side GA parking will be via the gate at the gazebo. Please use only that entrance to come and go. Thank you for your cooperation. Please see notams link under photo prior to arrival

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