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Thread: Sport Cub does Stork Duty

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    Default Sport Cub does Stork Duty

    Its a new age thing-"The Gender Reveal Party"

    When my dad was born, granddad didnt come to the hospital until the next day to see his new son. When I was born, my dad finished out the day planting potatoes on the farm then came into the hospital that night.
    I was there sorta helping when all three of my kids came into the world and was thankful to be a part of it. In all of the births so far, none of us knew what whether you were getting a boy or a girl. Today, the ultrasound technology is so good you can see all sorts of things in the moms belly, especially the two most important spots. Therefore, the gender reveal party is born.

    You may remember my daughter getting married last June, when a flyin broke out at a wedding, it was big fun. Now nature has taken its course, and my baby is having a baby not a year into the deal. In keeping with the aviation theme, she somehow wanted to keep the cub theme going, so she dreamed up a smoke pass which would either be pink smoke, or blue smoke for her baby gender. Go figure out how to do it dad. Took me a few experiments, but we figured out a way. The smoke system will only produce white smoke, if you want to do color you have to inject a chemical into the exaust of a jet engine, of which the Sport Cub is not equipped. We figured it out and the rest is history.

    Last night we had to shut down the work a bit early and get with the family and friends around the firepit while dad fired up the cub. A couple of fake out passes down the strip just to agitate the crowd, and this is the money pass

    Blue smoke looks like another boy. We can use all the tractor drivers we can get our hands on

    Really pretty night in Maine, we have had nothing but cold and wet for a month.

    Got back on the ground and the happy couple had one more announcement, the name
    of said new baby.

    The chief pilot had a fair amount of trouble seeing when my daughter said the baby boy would be named after the man she admired most,
    her dad. James Everett Pullen, cant wait to give you a ride in the cub. Will even show you where the smoke button is
    I am truly blessed with great family, and it keeps getting bigger and better

    Congrats Allyssa and Mark. See you in Oct James Everett


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    Default Re: Sport Cub does Stork Duty


    That raises gender reveal parties to new heights.

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