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Thread: TRIG Transponder 21/22 Brightness

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    Default TRIG Transponder 21/22 Brightness

    Has anyone else encountered no option to adjust the brightness of the TRIG transponder control head by using the FN and code buttons during setup? Our is very dim and there is not a Brightness option as described in the operator and user manuals.
    Justin / Tom

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    Default Re: TRIG Transponder 21/22 Brightness

    The following is copied and pasted right out of the Trig TT21/22 install manual, rev AM from May 2015 which I believe is the latest revision. I do not believe this is in the set up part of the menu but is just accessed in normal operating mode.

    8.9 Display Brightness Control
    Pressing the FN button will allow access to change the display brightness. A
    bar will appear on the display with the title “Brightness” above the bar. Rotate
    the Code Knob to select the desired brightness level. Press FN to save the
    setting and return to the Squawk code display.

    hope that helps,

    Mike Sutton
    Cubcrafters Avionics

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