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Thread: "EMPTY NESTER".... (Moving Fuselage from garage to hangar)

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    Default "EMPTY NESTER".... (Moving Fuselage from garage to hangar)

    Well, my baby "Orange Crush" flew the coupe (garage) yesterday to spend her first night all alone if a dark hangar. The garage seems to be missing something now! 3 buddies helped push it up on the trailer very easily and then a slow 20 mile ride to the airport.

    It was a close fit getting out with the 29's inflated to 6 psi. Garage height was 83" and stood....83"! Deflated it was around 80" or so. Trailer was about 86" wide so had a couple inches of tire hanging over but no problem. Just had them strapped down tight. Looking forward to getting the wings and last items installed just in time for some nice flight testing weather.


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    Default Re: "EMPTY NESTER".... (Moving Fuselage from garage to hangar)

    Awesome awesome awesome!!! Looks great Dave! Can't wait to see her fly!
    Mike Sasser
    Boomerang Air


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