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Thread: Inertia reel

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    Default Inertia reel

    I like inertia reel should harnesses but I took mine out of the EX. I replaced it with a fixed shoulder harness and in the rear never installed the reel. The back has a fixed harness too that is on a quick release snap.

    The reason I removed it was because I like to cinch myself in tight when it gets rough. I don't like getting tossed around and the inertia system won't normally lock down when it gets rolly polly. I don't mind riding it out if I don't also have to brace myself with my knees and free hand.

    But it I like the inertia system 95% of the time. And I'd prefer to keep it in the EX. Does anyone know of a way to lock the reel down manually as needed?
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    Default Re: Inertia reel

    Dan, I just suck the lap belts down tight on my inertia setup.

    Or A&vxp=mtr


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