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Thread: 2016 - Latest and Greatest Battery Options?

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    Default 2016 - Latest and Greatest Battery Options?

    Okay, my FX (sn#10) is now only 6 months old and the stock battery died on me after only 40 hrs and will not hold a charge despite using one of the best recommended battery tenders - the same one which I used for my 2 previous Carbon Cubs. I had installed an AGM battery on my first Carbon Cub, and that worked great for 3 years, however, I don't recall the brand or model.

    While I have seen numerous old postings about batteries, technology changes rapidly and I was looking for the latest recommendations prior to getting an Odyssey 680. Does anyone have any new recommendations? I fly in the Colorado area so high and low temperature extremes are the norm.

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    Default Re: 2016 - Latest and Greatest Battery Options?

    I have had excellent luck with an Earth-X Li-Fe-Po battery.
    Spins the engine faster than any lead acid battery and doesn't require a maintainer.
    My airplane sat for 3 months and the battery spun the engine as though it was just charged.
    My battery is now Over a year old and works like new.
    There is a thread on here about the Earth-X.
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