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Thread: Negative Camber. What is "normal"?

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    Default Negative Camber. What is "normal"?

    I checked the camber on my main wheels when I noticed the left wheel seemed to be tilted in more than the right. The right wheel has about 1/4" negative camber between the top and bottom side walls on 8.50x6 wheels. The left wheel has about 5/8" negative camber. The tire wear looks even. There are no ground handling issues. I have an AOSS gear and the exposed shaft length on both gears is exactly the same. I cleaned up all of the gear fittings and found no evedence of cracking or bending. Does this seem like normal numbers for negative camber? Is this just a cosmetic issue or a sign of some deeper problem?

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    Default Re: Negative Camber. What is "normal"?

    I would measure to the brake disc, not the tire. Tires often aren't symmetrical depending on the tire and the tube that is in it.
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