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Thread: Crank sensor install

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    Default Crank sensor install

    Here is a couple shots of what my wiring looks like. I taped a piece of 032 to the sensor then installed the ring gear. Pushed them up tight and tightened each screw so it would not move. Removed the ring gear, tighten one screw more to be sure it did not move. Take out one screw and add some blue loctite. Re install to finally torque then do the same on the other screw. Repeat for other sensor. You will need a long Allen key to get to the bottom screws when the ring gear is on.

    Also on the coils really do your best to support lines coming off the coil. This will help eliminate any chance of a connector failure. I added heat shrink to both wires, just to help stiffen them up.

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    Default Re: Crank sensor install

    Thanks, I was thinking about the spacing last night.

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