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Thread: TCP - Yes or No

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    Default TCP - Yes or No

    Just did my third Conditional (Annual) on my 2013 CC. Has 160 TT. On the 340 engine. Runs like a top, really doesn't use any oil. Always use Camguard every 25 hr oil change. My IA Borescoped cylinders found very little lead on valves and cylinder, piston heads. He did however recommend TCP, and said it can only help.
    Is TCP ok with the CC plastic fuel lines? Any info on the use of TCP for the 340 engine?
    Feel free to chime in on the use of MMO in the oil before oil changes?😎
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    Default Re: TCP - Yes or No

    TCP no doubt helps engines with mags, and fouling problems.
    But CC340 ignition systems will fire even plugs with problems.

    Carbon Cub fuel lines can have compatibility issues -- ethanol for example.
    And CCI has no compatibility info on TCP, and has not tested it.

    Conclusion: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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