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Thread: Zaon XRX Now in My Carbon Cub

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    Many of you may recall my use and recommendation of the ZAON traffic avoidance system. While I still use and like it I thought I needed to post this which I just heard about. They are apparently now out of business. Regards Gary
    Zaon Flight Systems, the maker of the popular PCAS portable traffic alerting system, has ceased operation according to Sporty's Pilot Shop and Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, two of the company's largest distributors. Both distributors told AVweb that Zaon "is out of business" and couldn't offer any suggestions for obtaining support for existing Zaon products. Zaon introduced the first portable collision avoidance solution—the TPAS—nearly a decade ago, selling over 3000 units in just a few years. The follow-on product was the TrafficScope, introduced in 2003. It too was a huge success, with over 4000 units sold. Finally, the PCAS line, which included the XRX and MRX portable traffic alerters, were the current generation models. The PCAS-XRX was a popular traffic solution because of its 3-D view Quadrant Direction function, audio voice alerts, built-in altimeter and the ability to interface with third-party displays, to include Garmin portable GPS and experimental EFIS systems.
    Most recently, Zaon introduced an add-on ADS-B interface to the XRX with the MX1090-series ADS-B traffic receiver. The MX1090 could receive TIS-B messages, bringing the portable traffic solution to a higher level. Zaon could not be reached for comment because the company's phone numbers don't work. The company website,, is still in service, and the online store appears to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbopilot View Post
    I remember picking up one of the first Apollo II 612B's at Oshkosh in the 1980's. Put it in my Turbo Arrow and began to discover parts of the west I had never seen before because there were no VOR's.

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    Wow does this bring back memories. I remember being approx. 20 miles from Teterboro in heavy rain and loosing my signal. I had to ask for radar vectors to final as I had no idea where I was. Learned a valuable lesson that night about situational awareness. The Apollo Loran replaced my KNS80 and I would've given almost anything to have had it back that night.

    David Morris

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    Keep it with your reel to reel tape deck, Betamax, laser disk player, VCR, HD DVD, and turntable. OOPS, turntables are making a big comeback.

    regards, Carl

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