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Did your temps come down? If so when? My engine is doing the same thing.


Yes/no. The temps will stay high (#2 @ ~400CHT full rich) if you're pushing 75% and above. But once you've done your 10 hours and you think your rings have seated, try running lean-of-peak and you'll see your temps come way down - even at 75% power.

I'm new to Carbon Cubs ('experimenting' as I go) I'm liking the lower power settings and slower speeds (55% 2200-2300RPM). The controls are a lot lighter and more responsive; not feeling the need to go 120 MPH.

I know, it's gut wrenching, but if you can bare it, I ran mine between 75%-65%, full rich, the first 10 hours with the #2 cylinder peaking at 410-420 CHT but oil consumption is almost nil and engine running well.