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Thread: G3x and the virb xe

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    Default Re: G3x and the virb xe

    Quote Originally Posted by ceslaw View Post

    Would this be the audio video cable to which you refer? Is the RCA connector being held in the pic what we need to connect to the back of the G3X?

    Attachment 5697

    If indeed that is the connection, where does one go to find a male BNC / male RCA jumper cable? I'm guessing the local Home Depot salesperson would be totally clueless and the Radio Shack salesperson almost as clueless. Like me.

    Garmin's documentation is a bit sparse, or perhaps I have been looking in all the wrong places.


    Yes, that Female RCA is the video connection. I installed a cable for a couple different customers and both times I had Pasternack make a custom cable to the specs provided in the G3X manual. It looked very nice afterwards. If you go to their website you can spec out the components you want and click the button for a quote.
    If I remember correctly, it was a 6', 75 ohm coax with a 75 ohm male pin BNC on the display end and a 75 ohm male RCA on the camera end.
    You can probably call Zach in customer support and he would be able to order another for you based on the previous order info.

    Matt Dickey

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    Default Re: G3x and the virb xe

    Question: How does one get the radio audio to come through on the VIRB XE?

    I have the harness with the inline connections for the headphone jack. Nothing.

    I have alternately set the microphone on the VIRB XE to either 'internal' or 'external' or 'off.' No luck with any setting.

    There is nothing in any of the literature that I have reviewed that indicates what needs to be set to make the audio come through on the VIRB XE.

    Anyone had any success getting the headphone harness to work?


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