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Thread: Zapped by Aliens

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    Default Zapped by Aliens

    Twice now once in Orlando Fl area once in the middle of Alabama. Two different planes two different panels. Both times weather was terrible at best very low ceilings ,mist ,one with thunderstorms in the area,one was coming though a stalled front no thunderstorms. 1st time couple Yrs ago Flying along looking for towers ,obstacles or anything else that would ruin a already crummy day. Just as tower tells me to remain clear of class Charlie field just went IFR ,my whole panel goes black everything radios,Transponder,Gps,lights,auto pilot,Everything but the Ignition. Both times they came back on with in seconds. First time tell my buddy to grad the IPad and open Garmin pilot , we managed not to bust Class B or C airspace narrow corridor I was going between. Gps acquired Sat signals in a couple Minutes never had another problem. I blamed it on Lightning, thunderstorm in area. The second time not in flat terrain It was not so nice I was about 2-300AGL, everything goes black. I instantly turned about 30deg RT because I had seen 2 towers in red coming up before that. No big deal (yea right)reached back grabbed my back up 496 turned it on. Well a few min later my panel mount still had a X no GPS signal ,I scroll to info page its getting no signals from Sat, well my 496 hasn't cleared either info page says no Sat signals either. Forgot my IPad in KS the day before so that wasn't a option. Ok so I really had no idea where I was at,wasn't paying attention to much but terrain and towers. I decide best thing to do is land and get some kind of navigation plan. I look down there's a field right in front of me. I made a low pass and then landed. Nothing for miles but at least I wasn't Flyin around lost. The grass was a foot deep but it was really smooth. Call my wife tell her I'm fine but I'm in a field in the middle of somewhere. She seemed a little concerned! (Your Somewhere) She mentioned something about heart failure at least once. I turn everything off waited a min turn everything back on and all was good. I download Garmin pilot on my phone (backup) as the GPS clears I see I'm sitting on a private runway I don't think anybody has landed there in 20yrs (What's the chances of that). I take back off and 15 min later my wife texts me and said the spots not working either ( no gps signal) I turned it off and back on and it stated working again. When I get home there is a 5 -10 mile gap in my track and all my flights prior that day were gone.
    You loose electric power,3 different GPS all with different power source won't acquire sat signal all at the exact same time.
    I figured I was zapped by aliens😄
    Been crossing the Bermuda Triangle in boats for over 30Yrs never had stuff like this happen,maybe they moved there operation inshore!👽
    GPS DO FAIL Carry a back up!!!
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    Default Re: Zapped by Aliens

    We have been getting a lot of notices of unreliable GPS due to military playing with GPS jamming equipment in certain areas, mostly the White sands ElPaso area, some along the cost of Florida Pensacola area.

    Might explain the 3 GPS not working. The power must be the aliens
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