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Thread: Trix nuts, turtle deck step in finish manual.

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    Default Trix nuts, turtle deck step in finish manual.

    I am confused with the manual on trix nuts install.

    Manual says....Then place the skylight into position and make sure that this edge distance will result in a proper edge distance in the Plexiglas.

    The turtle deck is carbon fiber and the wings are not on yet. I measured and drilled the 3/16 holes in the middle of the flange. Does this step assume the wings are on? I hate to finish drilling to #3 for the trix nut if it's not going to fit. Does the plexi go that far back?

    Any trick to trix nuts? I bought the tool but have never seen one. ( first time builder-non mechanic)



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    Default Re: Trix nuts, turtle deck step in finish manual.

    After looking and talking to the factory guys on the floor who put them in, Yes there is a trick to the trix. The trick is the correct tool, not stripping them out and putting them in at an angle. I've worked with them in the past and didn't have much luck so I went to floating nut plates and they worked very well. I'm sure other experienced builders have used them and have the correct technique for putting them in. You might talk to Mitch also, it sounds like the factory is using steel trix nuts on the floor. They would be less likely to strip out.
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