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Thread: Aerocets vs Baumans Amphibs

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    Default Aerocets vs Baumans Amphibs

    Its Final for now at least from now, till further opinions emerged:

    The Nose to Nose Fly off (see attached Photo) occurred last evening on Lake Okeechobee Florida between N6626CC, Aerocets and N711 Baumans. The pilots Chuck and Gary were witnessed by the Platinum Aviation Team Cub Crafters Dealers and lots of Cheerleaders from both sides. We each did side by side take offs and landings. Conditions about 6 inch chop 10-15 mph winds with roughly half tanks. My weight difference with Chuck is about 40 plus lbs (I am the heavy) , so after three take offs and landings we switched planes and did three more. Bottom line, the performance is so close that we declared them equal and both terrific Amphibs that anyone would love to have on a CC. Below are the only critiques or differences we could find and we both agreed:

    1) In a perfect world (and recommendation to Aerocet by the way), the Aerocets with the Bauman retraction, (single pull johnson rod) system would be the Best of all worlds. We did not prefer the more complicated and time consuming ( 7 pumps each way) Hydraulic system by Aerocets but it works.

    2) More difficult on Aerocets to determine through the mirrors gear down position vs Bauman you can see the front gear position and the tell tales much easier. Of course the electronic gear warning systems with Aerocet is also a plus.
    The voice warning however needs to be much louder and we could not figure out how to increase the volume

    2) Bauman has slight advantage in glassy water on take off as the aluminum rivets vs smother bottom of the Aerocets makes the Aerocets more sticky

    3) Aerocet gets the edge on larger 5 inch main wheels better brakes and beaffier front end gear.

    4) If there is an advantage it was hard to see but we thought the Aerocets get slight one on riding a tad higher in the water. They both incur wash over the bows in any chop. That said neither one poses any issues or feelings of stuffing. They both ride through the chop beautifully even with wash over.

    5) Aerocet of course gets an advantage with the Carbon fiber construction vs Aluminum regarding corrosion resistance for the hulls. Only Time and some serious use both in salt and fresh will tell regarding any difference in the use of materials for all the hardware on the Aerocets

    6) Finally BIG advantage to Aerocets as you can buy them and Baumans no longer available except on the used market, so have fun and in our poinion it cant get any better than having both big tires and the Amphib options. You get two planes in one. Best Gary
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    Default Re: Aerocets vs Baumans Amphibs

    Nice comparison! I have owned both types myself and presently have aerocets(sold the baumanns) .
    The biggest problem that I have had with the floats is the front caster wheels being very difficult to steer on the ground . I have the second generation wheel caster modification but they have become very hard(sometimes impossible!) to steer as well, it is constantly pulling to the right. I hear there may be a 3 rd generation "fix" in the works? If it weren't for this problem they would be a awesome set of floats,though they need to make a cover for all the pumps and lines that are located on the floor just behind the pilots left foot.
    Nice to see a in flight comparison! I figured the old Baumanns would take off a little shorter as they are lighter and smaller!
    Fly safe out there! R

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