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Thread: Airstreak tundra tires

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    Just had to buy my first set of replacement 26" after 10 months of ownership and 250 hours of primarily pavement landings, ( at least I am flying it). I noticed the wear was on the outside of the right tire, and the inside of the left. I was told that pavement taxiing turns can be rough, but I am wondering if tire pressure might be a factor. What do you experienced guys use for tire pressure, and how often do you check it?

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    I run 8 lbs PSI. My strip is grass and whenever possible I land on grass. I now have 300 hours on them. In the past (Legend Cub with 26's) on mainly pavement, I would demount and change them with the stem on the opposite side. It evens the wear pattern. I am hoping to see 500 hours but I am helping a friend learn to fly tail draggers and he is hard on them.

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