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I am one of the two people that took Chuck's advise on the XP mod engine upgrade. (completed in April 2015) I ran the 72x43 Catto prop for the first ten hours after the mod. & then as the engine loosened up it started going over redline. I put the Catto 76x42 prop on and cut 35 feet off take off and gained 200ft/minute in climb. (26in ABW) The 76x42 is a great match and very smooth prop. Turn 2400rpm on climb out @ 68mph & 2675 straight & level flight. Also running a C-85 cam that gives more torque from 2250 to 2450rpm
I'm the other having had Don Sword do his voodoo to my 0200, it works! Chuck based on our conversation (29 verses 31) I was concerned about the brakes holding during run-up but it's not an issue, I'll just stay on top of brake pad condition. I chose the 31's based on many comments in the Super Cub Forum which seemed to be greatly in favor of 31's. Remember, they are all just opinions and we all know about opinions and something else, they all stink. Beyond that I can only compare to the 8:50's which it had on when I bought it, other than it wanting to fly sooner due to the increased wing angle there was little difference on take-off. How bad is that? Yes I hear it coming, weight penalty and cost, well I gave up Ben & Jerry's last year, the $ savings are paying for them and I lost 15 pounds!
Under most conditions I use Randy's 2-notch flap method, it too works. At some point I'll play with the numbers and report them but for now that seems a little to much like work. I just want to take-off and land, and it does that amazingly well!