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Thread: Standard acceptable Oil Temp for a C C

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    Default Re: Standard acceptable Oil Temp for a C C

    I routinely see 156 to 166 degrees and never higher on my CC SS. I used an infra-red non-contact thermometer and measured temps at the oil screen/ vernatherm location before and after flying. Compared the IR readings to the gauge and have found the gauge usually reads 8-10 degrees lower. I have concluded the gauge or sensor probe is not accurately calibrated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by N867SP View Post
    What I don't understand is with the vernatherm shouldn't it be bypassing cooler until vernatherm opens up?
    Pete, the vernatherm is designed to allow a small amount of oil to flow through the oil cooler at all times. This is to prevent the oil cooler from freezing up in extremely cold temps.
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