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Thread: $300 Rebate on all Bose A20 Headsets

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    Default $300 Rebate on all Bose A20 Headsets

    from another aviation forum:

    "Bose is giving a $300 rebate on all there New A20 headsets if you exchange your older Generation 1 headset. This isn't good for any other Bose headset. This is because they are no longer servicing these older Gen 1 headsets.
    There is no limit on how many you can return, and I happen to have about 40 pairs that anyone can buy for $100 shipped. These headsets have cut cords, but condition is not a factor on the rebate.
    If anyone is planning on buying a new pair of A20 headsets, here is your chance to save a few bucks.

    You can call BOSE 1-800-999-2673. Ask to get transferred to the aviation side, and ask them about the $300 rebate on the Gen 1 series headsets. They don't make any effort to let you know about the rebate, you just have to ask."
    Alex Bell

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    Default Re: $300 Rebate on all Bose A20 Headsets

    That was a bit long time a go. Is that offer still available today? I would consider getting some to listen to cool music while doing my daily duties at Bose Headsets are without doubt quality and listening to music while working just makes work so easy.


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    Default Re: $300 Rebate on all Bose A20 Headsets

    I remember this rebate opportunity. It was the easiest rebate to get I've ever experienced.
    -Darren |
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