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    Default hood scoop

    I noticed in the new aviation consumer that the hood scoop is now functional on the newest CCubs.
    Is this something us old timers (6 month old) CC owners should look into with our nonfunctioning old scoops?

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    Sharp eye! The reason the scoops are even there to begin with was to make room for the oil cooler -- the scoops looked better than a simple bulge on the top of the cowl. Early on we were attaching cover plates inside the scoops. Last fall we did some tuft testing and learned that no air would be scooped in there anyway. Without the cover plates we believe there might be some benefit in helping the plane cool off faster when sitting on a ramp in high ambient temp conditions so we began omitting them. They probably weigh half a pound but you might damage the cowl in trying to remove them. I wouldn't worry about it, just go flying.
    Randy Lervold

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