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Thread: No Titan 340 CC operating guidelines or Manual

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    Default No Titan 340 CC operating guidelines or Manual

    I have a new Carbon Cub (serial number 335) with a Garmin Executive Glass Touch panel. I did not get a engine operating instruction manual with the plane. This was explained to me to be because the new Titan engine has not yet had a manual. Looking in on the Cub Crafters website the only information I can find is how to build an engine not how to operate it.
    Because I have Executive glass I have all the engine information such as CHTs, EGTs, oil temps, ect.
    It is frustrating to not know what I should do operationally, such as recommended settings for Cruise, Climb, Decent, and so on. Also no information about recommended CHTs or EGTs - how hot for prolonged periods and so on. I am concerned that the engine gets too hot in climb and would like to know what other owners are doing and what to watch for.
    I come from a turbine so I am not used to flying a piston and like to know what the manufacture recommends.
    I also, would appreciate any advice from the forum members.
    Duane Frederiksen
    Carbon Cub N620CC

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    Default Re: No Titan 340 CC operating guidelines or Manual

    I am picking up number 338 next Sunday. I will sit down with the factory and get all the numbers for us both. I traded just to get the new panel, I want to use it to the fullest. Congrats on the really new airplane

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