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Thread: Tire pressure

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    Default Re: Tire pressure

    Yes John, that sounds about right. Some guys run them lower on off airport conditions, but since you have the tubes in those you need to be careful of that.

    Pete D.

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    Default Re: Tire pressure

    Resurrecting this old thread

    the recommended pressure for 8.50 - 6 Goodyears in the 15 a 20 pound range is noted.

    My question is should one run different pressure if most of the flying will be on pavement?

    I have 20 pounds in now and they seem pretty firm.

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    Default Re: Tire pressure


    That might be a little high but it won't hurt anything. I think I ran my 850's at 16-18 pounds. Run them and see how you like them. It will make it easy to get in and out of the hangar!!

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