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Thread: Tundra tires and soybean stubble

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    Default Tundra tires and soybean stubble

    Soybean stubble can be really tough on steel belted radial truck tires. Does anyone have any experience with our thin walled lightweight tundra tires and soybean stubble? I'd hate to land in a bean field and end up with two flat tires.

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    Default Re: Tundra tires and soybean stubble

    I have 31s on mine. I have landed in them a few times, the combine tends to lay them down so make sure you don't land against them. That's not to say you can't/won't get a flat. I landed in cotton stubble once ,don't know if I would do that again,(there like little welding rods) no flat but I was definitely worried about it when I left.

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