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Thread: Time to start wiring.

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    Default Time to start wiring.

    Anyone have any photos of the master/starter solenoid all wired up? Where and how did you route the starter 4gage wire. I looked in drop box and didn't find one with the wires installed. The manual does not say.

    When wiring the Solenoids, is it best to put the orange 20gage wires on top of the heavy 4 gage?. I assume the threaded post under the seat is the electrical ground but I couldn't find it in the manuals. There is a short orange wire with black shrink wrap that is not labeled that was zip tied to the solenoid group. Any idea where it goes?

    How did you secure the wires to prevent interference with the torque tube and elevator cables?

    First time builder and way out of my comfort range with the wiring even after taking the EAA electrics class.



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    Default Re: Time to start wiring.

    Just wired a World VFR panel couple of months ago. Easier to talk I think. 330-727-0043 if you like.

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