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    I'm sure it can be done and would be quite effective. I'm an active glider pilot and have been towed in many different sailplanes behind a wide variety of tow planes; the tow planes most often used in the U.S. are 230hp Pawnees and 180hp Huskies. A 180 Husky will quite happily tow a 2-place ASK-21; the tow will be less efficient but still possible and safe for heavier ships at higher airport elevations. What's most important is the tow pilot's understanding of safe tow speeds.

    Concerning instability in rough air: that's just par for the course in sailplane flying, and the towed sailplane will be more impacted than the tow plane due to its lower wing loading, which is typically in the 7 to 10 lb / sq ft range.

    Adding a tow attachment option to the CC EX could be quite interesting.
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